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Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Dark Frigate

By Charles Boardman Hawes
5 Stars

This was a classic book that was recommended reading for my children's homeschooling literature course. My daughter hated the book. I don't believe the problem was the story line. This book was published nearly a hundred years ago and it was set even earlier. For young people, I would say the language and expressions are difficult because that is not how people talk today. She might enjoy the book more now as an adult although it really isn't her favoured genre. I liked the story a lot. Action, adventure and great characters. I liked Shakespeare as well.

The hero of the story is a dashing young sailor named Philip Marsham. He gets himself into a bit of hot water at the beginning of the story and has to flee London. He ends up finally shipping out of another port with a companion he met along the way on the Rose of Devon. That ship picks up survivors from a sinking ship off Newfoundland. They turned out to be pirates who took over the ship. Marsham was forced to join them or die.

I recommend the book but not for children. Sure some of them would like it but the majority will react like my daughter did. It is a good book. Sad that the author only lived long enough to write two books.