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Sunday, 8 February 2015

God's Smuggler

By Brother Andrew with John & Elizabeth Sherrill
5 Stars
Teen to Adult

This book belongs to my daughter. It may have been part of her homeschooling curriculum but didn't take the time to ask her. I of course picked it up and read it myself. I think this has to rank amoung the most inspiring true story Christian books around.

The book is an autobiography with a little outside help. It tells the life story of Brother Andrew. I identified with the story very early on. He grew up in Holland and his memories of the Second World War echoed some of the stories I heard from my own parents. He talked about the men of the village hiding in the nearby swamp to avoid the Razzi. My father's family built a room in the manure pile so the men could avoid these same people. They didn't want to get pressed into Nazi service.

He served in the Dutch military after the war and became quite disillusioned. On his return he heard religious leaders speaking at various meetings and was eventually inspired to become a missionary. He went to England to be trained but was not hired on. He struck out on his own audaciously seeking to spread the gospel behind the iron curtain. In his travels he met Christians, spoke to them, encouraged them and smuggled bibles by the car full.

The book is without a doubt an inspiring tale of faith. It is a well written tale easy to read and I say that as a critic. I'm not always impressed with “Christian” books. As a Christian this is one of my favourite books. It is highly recommended of course.