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Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Road From Home

By David Kherdian
5 Stars
Historical Fiction

This is another book from my children's homeschooling library. There are quite few good books that we purchased for the Sonlight curriculum. I have found a lot of them not only educational but well written as well.

The young heroine of the story is Veron Dumehjian and it is written in first person. The back book cover calls it a diary but in reality it is written as a fictionalized autobiography. The real life Veron is the author's mother. How much is real and how much is fiction is impossible for me to distinguish.

The goal of the book is to chronicle the Turkish genocide of the Christian Armenian minority in that country. We see it all through Veron's eyes. The story begins in Azizya, Turkey. In 1915 the family is forced out of their home and marched east to exile or death. Stragglers are shot and even those who survive suffer horribly. With the help of family, friends and sympathetic or bribed strangers, she survives to return to her childhood home to live with relatives because he immediate family has all been lost. She maintains a positive outlook as she moves from one tragedy to the next. After the First World War the Greeks and Turks go to war and young Veron is once again caught in the middle. She is finally evacuated from Smyrna to Greece where she agrees to marry an American-Armenian through a family arrangement. The book ends with the engagement celebration and young Veron looking forward to a new life in America.

I have four more books from this program that I would like to review. So far they've all been educational and excellent. I will take a break from them for awhile though. They all deal with man's inhumanity to man and I find that it weighs me down. I will finish them just not right now. I think the lessons that these books teach are very important.

The books comes highly recommended in my view. The message is powerful. You rejoice and mourn with our heroine as the story progresses.