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Monday, 2 February 2015

Artemis Fowl - The Lost Colony

By Eoin Colfer
5 Stars

I finished reading this book for the, I don't remember how many times, a couple days ago. Too many other things to do before writing this review. The copy I read resides in my son Sheldon's library. It is the last of the series that he has in his possession. I will have to buy him the rest of the series, if I'm going to continue reviewing the stories.

Our hero Artemis Fowl starts out this story trying to help the fairies instead of trying to steal something from somebody. There are a number of different families of fairies in the stories, Holly is an elf, Mulch is a dwarf and Foaly is a centaur. These families all moved underground after their last battle with humankind except for one. Demon warlocks used their magic to drop their entire island of Hybras out of time. The spell is deteriorating though and there is a risk of them all being wiped out. Artemis is trying to figure out how they can be saved and intends to present his information to Foaly. Other factors however come into play.

This story introduces a few new characters important to the story. There's No1 who is a demon warlock imp. Qwan a demon warlock. These are the new good guys. We have a couple of new bad guys to deal with. Abbott is a demon who has his own personal agenda, which could end up destroying his species. Billy Kong is a security man who ends up being big trouble as well.

This story also introduces another new wrinkle. Artemis has to match wits with Minerva Paradizo another child prodigy like himself. She starts out as a rival and then becomes a love interest. The story doesn't dig too deeply into that but it does add another wrinkle to Artemis' character. How that plays out in the future of the series I don't know.

Again the book is fast paced and is written with a delightful humoristic style that I find appealing. I give the book a full five stars again and highly recommend it.