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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Artemis Fowl - The Arctic Incident

By Eoin Colfer
5 Stars

The books from this series all reside in my oldest son's library. At some point I'm sure he will purchase a copy of all the ones he is missing. I might even help him out on that count. Flogging a dead horse again, I'm not a big fan of fantasy outside of science fiction sometimes. I will review a lot of them because all my children are fans of the genre and I have free access to a lot of them. Maybe I'm kidding myself because when I was younger I enjoyed reading several of Frank Herbert's books.

The Arctic Incident is the first sequel in the series. The first book was great and this book and story are just as good. That doesn't always happen with sequels. Most of the original cast is back, Artemis the child criminal mastermind, Butler his body guard, Holly Short, Commander Root, Mulch Diggums and Foaly. This time they have to face a threat together.

Protagonists and antagonists from the first book each have their own separate problem to deal with. Artemis Fowl senior is alive and being held ransom by the Russian Mafiya in Murmansk. He survived the sinking of the Fowl Star and has been in a coma for most of the intervening time. Our young hero and his body guard are trying to figure out how to bring him home.

Holly, Commander Root and Foaly have a different problem. The goblin triad is trading with humans and bringing in contraband goods to power outlawed weapons. They assume Artemis is behind it all. They bring him and Butler in for questioning and find out the have the wrong bad guys. Without going into detail they agree to work together. Artemis helps them solve their problem, the fairies help him retrieve his father.

The real culprit is disgraced LEP commander Briar Cudgeon who isn't over his humiliation in the first book. He has enlisted the help of Opal Koboi a genius who is a foil to Foaly. She is a vicious little pixie in her own right. It takes all of our heroes working together to win the day. After that they rescue Artemis Fowl Sr in dramatic fashion.

It is a great read. The same wit and humour I loved in the first book is evident here as well. I highly recommend this book as well.