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Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Boy from Buzby Beach

The Boy from Buzby Beach

By DW Davis
3.5 Stars

I obtained a free Kindle ebook version of this book during a promotional period. This book is clearly written for a young audience and it is a coming of age romance. Not aimed at me and not my genre. So why did I read it? DW Davis an author who I met on the social networking site called Bubblews. At the time both of us put practice writing there. The promotion was not just for me, but I did hear about it from him. I occasionally like to step outside of my usual reading to look at something different. The fact that I'm doing a review shows it being readable.

Our hero is Jacques O'Larrity from Buzby Beach. He's fifteen and he lives in a beach/tourist town on the south eastern coast of the USA. He's likeable enough. This summer we meet a series of young ladies that make Jacques heart go pitter patter. He falls in love, suffers heartbreak and falls in love again. Along the way we experience his home town, his family and his friends.

Before going into what I liked and what I didn't like, let me just say I enjoyed reading the book. There were a lot of things I liked. The dialogue, the descriptions and the characters were all believable. I thought the dialogue was excellent throughout. The descriptions did make the book come alive.

What didn't I like? The book took awhile to get rolling. This book doesn't grab the reader by the throat a compel them to keep reading. It's like getting into a warm bath. You don't have to force yourself to read on but if you have something else to do that's important you'll probably put it down.

I think the end of Jacques' first romance will put off some readers. The writer pulls some heart strings and makes the reader really like Scarlett. All of a sudden, her parents sweep her away and she's gone. Cienna another of Jacques' love interests is waiting in the wings.

If you are in the target audience, I believe you will enjoy this book and I would recommend it. This book is pretty much exactly what is advertised so if you read it and didn't like it, you didn't read the description.