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Monday, 26 January 2015

Artemis Fowl - The Eternity Code

By Eoin Colfer
5 Stars

This is the third book in the Artemis Fowl series and if you enjoyed the first two you're likely hooked at this point. The copy I read of course has been pilfered from my son's library like the others. I do give him credit and the entire family does make an effort to expand his collection every time we visit a used book store. I have read one that my son didn't have. It came through the local library. I also know there are two more books in the series at least that none of has read yet. I hope to be able to help him complete the collection even if it means buying some of them new.

The Eternity Cube starts with our intrepid child genius Artemis Fowl getting his criminal ego badly bruised and Butler suffering a mortal wound in the process. He was trying to make a buck from his pilfered fairy technology through a mini computer called the C Cube. Jon Spiro the villain of the story and his bodyguard Arno Blunt take possession of the technology. Artemis in an effort to save the life of his friend Butler appeals to the fairies for help.

Because fairy technology is in jeopardy they don't really have a choice but to help. Holly, Foaly, Mulch and Juliet are back and take on Jon Spiro in his lair equipped with the latest human security. In exchange for the help that he receives Artemis agrees to have his memories wiped at the end of it all so that he won't remember anything about them when all is said and done.

The end of the book is left open as to whether Artemis succeeds in beating the mind wipe. This book ends with the most obvious lead in to the fact that this is an ongoing series. Between that and the writing off Butler's abilities to a large degree at the end of the book tempted me to deduct half a point from the score. Not quite though, it is a great entertaining read. My feelings about the Butler thing is a little clouded by the fact that I've already read further in the series and I know that is overstating it.

From my point of view the book is highly recommended along with the rest of the series as I've experienced it.