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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

India Was One

By An Indian
4.5 Stars

Took me awhile to read through this book. That was not the fault of the author but more my schedule and the format in which I received it. I was given an electronic copy for review purposes. The author is an indie author acquaintance of mine through a Facebook group called Book Junkies. It was easy to read and it has several big pluses going for it.

It resonated with me for one very important reason. I live in a country that has threatened and constantly threatens to split because of cultural differences. My wife and I originate from opposite sides of that potential split just like the couple in this book. Jai is from Southern India while his wife Kaahi is from Northern India. The book opens with the two of them seeing each other across the guarded and barb-wired border. The entire book swirls around this important issue. The lesson is aimed at a culturally diverse India but by extension is an important issue for everyone living on this fair planet of ours.

This book also puts a lot of effort into explaining Indian cultures and terms as it moves along. For those interested in modern India this novel is worth reading just for the valuable information contained It is added to the narrative in a way that doesn't distract from the story being told and at the same time adds an element of interest that would otherwise be absent.

It is obvious enough that the author's first language is not English. Don't let that put you off. It is not badly written and the quirks of language may even add a certain charm. I honestly recommend the book for anyone.